Long hiatus, yes I know. I'm sorry ):
Have been really terribly busy these few weeks.
Went on a 5 day getaway to Bangkok, Thailand, which I'll be updating on it soon!.
But first, let me post about :
Yes, I'm pretty sure all of you know this brand. Unless you're like born say after the year 2011? 
Then you probably won't.
Hahahah. But yea, I'm sure you guys are familiar with this brand here.
And there're definitely one of my favourite everyday shoe brand. They, never fail. 
& yes I am very honoured to be able to be sponsored by them. (':
*really super thankful*
I was invited to their store opening probably a month ago over at NEX, Serangoon. 
It's their concept store & I really love the designs where they placed their shoes at. 
So now, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. 

Just look how cute these shoes are?!?! 

Ever since my mom dump my old Chuck Taylor away probably 2-3 years back, 
I've been dying to get my hands on one again.
Just, I am constantly broke. Hahahah.
& I'm really thankful I can finally get my own pair of Converse. 
Upon arrival, I was welcomed friendly by Jillian. She's so adorable?!? 
Super bubbly girl. Luv her character to bits. 
& at first I thought I was only entitled to choosing a pair of shoes from the store, 
but Jillian then told me I was able to choosea whole outfit from the store. WUT? 
Yes, I just stared at her blankly. I was really speechless. 
So, I began my hunt for my outfit.....
 I think I stayed in the shop for around 1 hr 30 mins. Hahaha. 
I was really overwhelmed by the large varieties of stuffs they have!!!
I was damn fickle-minded. I have to constantly ask my boyf for opinions hahah. Thank you baby.
& So, after 1hr of choosing, I made my decision. 
I'll post up my full outfit soon. But for now, I'll just post some photos of me and my new kicks. 
Top - Bangkok
Bottom - H&M
Shades - dmajestique
Shoes - Chuck Taylor All Star Platform
Hair - Black Hair Salon

Do remember to go visit Converse at their new store over at NEX, Serangoon. 
They are located at level 1, directly opposite Baskin Robbins! 

Till then, xoxo.



Honestly, I don't know what/how should I be feeling.
I ought to be mature enough to handle my emotions and analyse my thoughts.
Yes, ought to. And I am trying.
There are limit to all things. I believe I am quite generous in many sense.
Yes, I can be over sensitive towards certain issues but I believe and I dare say I tried my best accommodating despite awkwardness.
But, it seems like it's never enough. I am forever failing at every single bloody things.

1. Studies. 
2. Duties as a daughter.
3. Piano.
4. Dance.
5. As a friend. 

I always question myself. "What am I good for?" 
Sad huh? This is the reality. #fact.


Just don't quite get why am I always the one that's being caught up in all these situations....
I just don't....



Hello mello jello wello everyone! 
So, I'm gonna blog about my summer break from May - July. So practically, 
I spent my whole (well 3/4) of my summer break doing internship. 
It's not a criteria nor isit a must but I chose to. 
I feel that it's better for me as a student & as well as my resumé!

Okaiiii. So, many of you (okay maybe some) have been asking me where am I interning at, 
where is my work place etc.
& all I answered was "just a small event company" "oh, it's at Taiseng".
So, maybe some of you already knew but yep. I'm currently interning at Three Blind Mice Flea. 
Why? No reasons. I just feel that since I loveeeeee to shop and take #ootds & TBM is also sorta in the same line. 
I thought it'd be interesting!

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first enter TBM. 
But now after 2 months, I realised TBM is the company that manage to push me to my limits 
& which I actually grew the most. (': Thank you so much 老大们。
Just look at Aloy's face. HAHAHHAHA cannot tank. 
 Aloysius, CZ & Kendrick.
Honestly they're one of the nicest boss I've ever met. 
Took leave several times yet they didn't deduct from pay? 
Occasional lunch treats too. & sometimes they'll get Zoe & I chocolates, snacks and even bean curd. 
And at times, letting me knock off earlier on fridays? They are really very nice to me. 
Thank you so much.
And I treat them like my older brothers rather than bosses. 
I don't even feel awkward when I'm with them hahaha
(cause maybe we don't have much age gap hahaha)
Besides all the perks, I really learnt a lot from them. 
Improved a lot on my personal design style too. I really am glad to actually be part of TBM & thankful that I choose to be 
an intern instead of a salesgirl. Hahaha.
 Although it's just a short 2 months +, but I really enjoyed myself throughout this 2 months.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow with you guys. 
Although we only spend probably 1 month together, but I'm glad I get to know you & yuenyee. (:
You girls damn cute & so super sweet la. Sweetest sisters. (':
Thank you for the gift from Bangkok! I looooooveeee it!
See you around school compound okay? Jiayou with your school & we'll have lunch dates soon. 
Luv youuuu xo
Last but not least, I'm proud to be part of TBM & luv you guys! 
Three blind mice huat ah! ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜