NDP 2015


People who knows me well, knows that I love Singapore. (Patriotic, I know hahahah)
And I am actually extra happy & excited for this year's National Day Parade as it is Singapore's 50th.
I'm also very lucky to be invited over for their media launch last weekend!
As this year is Singapore's golden jubilee year, the NDP 2015 executive committee will be setting up multiple celebration sites around Marina Bay on the 9th of August, to allow more Singaporeans to come together and celebrate as a nation! As for those who did not get a chance to watch the parade at the Padang nor the floating platform will still be able to watch the NDP "live"! Large LED Screens will be set up at 8 different locations around Marina Bay & it will be broadcasting the NDP show "live". The celebration sites will offer Singaporeans splendid views of NDP crowd favourites such as the Aerial Display, the Mobile Column drive past, the Presidential Gun Salute and of course the Fireworks display!
Apart from the "live" telecast, SAFRA and PA will be presenting a pre-parade show by community groups,
and a post-parade party featuring local celebrities such as Ling Kai, Sezairi Sezaili and the cast of Ah Boys to Men.
Besides that, there will also be celebration events such as Uncle Ringo "50 years of Fun" carnival, #SgEatWithUs Celebrates by the Bay.
 As part of the effort to light up Marina Bay, there will be 50 specially designed light-installations around the Bay, taking the shape of the numerals 1 to 50. Singaporeans can take photos with the installations and upload to their social media platforms using the #NDP2015 hash-tag, after which the images will be displayed onto the large LED Screens around the Bay. Besides this, the public can also use the Celebrate SG50 app to get "live-updates" of the crowd situations and weather forecasts, and also a novel technology known as "Snap2Tell". It enables users to use the application to snap a photo of the designated "icons" to get information such as ticket advisories, show, event timing and more... Last but not the least, during the finale of the Parade, all Singaporeans around the Bay will be encouraged to raise their phones and mobile devices in the air as the application will display a flashing red and white animation. Buildings around the Bay will also be lit up in national colours. I am pretty excited for this! The whole Marina Bay will look so pretty and vibrant! Last but not the least, there'll also be performers there to celebrate the nation's 50th with us as well! One of which, the Camo-Khakis will be there too! They had a short and amazing performance over at the media launch and I was honestly, blown away by their awesome vocals!
 I am very excited for the Jubilee Weekend! Are you?
See you at the Bay on the 9th of August! 

(Image credits – Brenda from www.brenwho.com)



So I had the honor to be invited over to Joo Bar yesterday for a media tasting with my fellow churpies! 
To be honest, I haven't heard of this restaurant before & I was looking forward to it!
Joo Bar,  first & only makgeolli bar and restaurant (in Singapore) that was founded by 2 Singaporeans who loves Korean culture & delicacies. The 3-storey heritage shophouse is located just across Bugis Junction, a 5 minute walk from the new Bugis Downtown line exit D. I love the rusty and stylish interior, looking very different from your typical Korean restaurant yet it gives off a sense of laidback cosiness with the dark wooden furniture and black accents. 
I love how the entire area makes me feel like I'm home & relaxed. 
Image credit – @isaaclim // lookfourteen.com
Makgeolli // SGD $7 for 150ml bottle, SGD $15 for a carafe (serves 2), SGD $28 for large bottle (serves 4).
Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) – It is actually the oldest alcoholic beverage native to Korean. Unlike the more popular, soju, makgeolli is not distilled after fermentation. If you just wna have a try, you can order their sampler set at SGD$35 for 5 (as shown as the picture above) 
They have original, yuzu, peach, strawberry & lychee. My personal fav is the lychee! 
Aren't the colors cute?!? 
Baby Eel Paper // SGD $14 
This is a deep fried baby eel with chilli salt & lime zest. I like the saltiness and the soury after taste of it, it tasted like a mixture of fried cuttlefish & ikan bilis. 
Very addictive but it can be a tad too salty after awhile. 
Banchan // A complimentary for the first serving and a charge of SGD $2 for the subsequent refills.
I love love love the middle dish! It's mash potatoes with macaroni! Yum.
Tofu chips with guacamole & kimchi salsa // SGD $14 
What I like about this dish is the kimchi salsa & guacamole. 
I really like how refreshing the kimchi salsa is!!
Warm kimchi with tofu & spam // SGD $16
First you take a piece of tofu, add the warm kimchi & stack it with the spam. Hmmm. Soooo good. The warm kimchi is also cooked with pork belly, Mangalista. Mangalitsa is a Hungarian breed of domestic pig. 
They have thick and hairy hair, something like a sheep! 
Slow & roasted Mangalista belly // SGD $32
One of my favourite dish of the night! The pork belly is cooked to perfection. Soft and tender, yes very sinful! The Mangalitsa pork belly is seasoned with salt, pepper, soju and makgeolli & steam-roasted for about 2 hours and 45 minutes.
 Eat the mangalitsa belly with onion, garlic, Dijon mustard and spring onion salad. Oh man, I'm missing it. ):
 Joo Boosam // SGD $28 
This is the boiled version of the mangalista belly! The roasted one as mentioned, was very tender and soft. This boiled one was even softer than that! It just melts in my mouth! But if I were to choose, I'd still prefer the roasted version! 
 Hand-chopped korean minced rib steak // SGD $20
One of my fav dish as well! The steak was tender and juicy. Definitely a hit. Really super good.
credit – brenwho.com
Kimchi Chicken Potpie // SGD $14
I love the thick consistency of this dish. I love how the kimchi isnt over powering the dish. It's very homely and I would say comfort food choice. Oh @brenwho & I just can't stop drinking hahahha.
Seafood Gochujiang Risotto // SGD $24
Yum. Seafood was fresh and good. Loving the fusion of this dish! Altho i'm not a big fan of risotto but I would definitely come back for this! It's quite a reasonable portion as well.
Joo Bolio // SGD $28 
Another carb heavy dish! A3 wagyu beef x mangalista pork belly mince with pasta topped with mozzarella cheese. I love the cheese and sauce! Very tasty but not a fan of the pasta tho. 
Or maybe cause I was just too full ): It tasted like beef bolognese for those who're wondering! 
Sojurita // SGD $28 (for 2 - 4 pax)
This is definitely the highlight of the night! & a very 'sojuful' ending to our awesome dinner! The portion is huge & definitely enough to share amongst 2-4 people! 

Conclusion is, I'll be back for more of the mangalista pork belly & the steak. 
Too good! & of course will be back for the makgeolli & sojurita esp on weekends before heading to party esp after the 22.30 curfew. Hahaha. 
A real good place to chill with friends and family! 

Joo Bar
5 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188094
Tel: +65 81381628 
Opening Hours: Daily 5.30pm to 12am
(They're usually more packed on wednesday-saturday, so go earlier!)


VIETNAM 2015 – Day 1 & 2

Last week, my family & I went to Vietnam – Hanoi. 
It was a very impromptu trip and yes, I skipped two days of lessons. (oops)
I didn't actually wanted to go as I don't think I'll like it there. But I am glad I went.
It was really a very different experience for me & I actually enjoyed it.
I'll be blogging my Day 1 & 2 of my trip.
(psssst, it's super image heavy!)

Day 1 – Singapore Changi Airport.

Faux leather jacket – Hervelvetvase | Top – Factorie | Skirt – YoungHungryFree 

 We arrived at Hanoi Airport at around 3pm (Hanoi time) which is 4pm Singapore time. 
I didn't take a lot of photos because I was afraid of pickpockets. 
I would usually get myself familiarise with my surroundings first. 
We explored our hotel area. We stayed at Romance Hanoi located at The Old Quarters. 
The traffic there is super busy and dangerous. It's even more dangerous than Bangkok's!
So if you're afraid of jaywalking, my advice to you is you've to get yourself very prepared for Vietnam.

Day 2 – Vietnam, Hanoi : City Tour.

 The first stop of the city tour was the

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

We were not allow to go in as it was closed ):
The building was very solemn and grand.

 Top – H&M | Dungaree – The Style Mafia

My parents and gramps with their raincoats. Super cute right.
& yes, I rather walk under the rain (drizzle) than wearing that. lol

Presidential Palace
 My cute gramps with my brother's cap. Hahahaha.
Our tour guide for the day!

Temple of Literature (first university of Vietnam)

Tran Quoc Pagoda

The Pottery Town

Its a super old town, I can never imagine me to live in that area. 
& yet, I love how simple the life there is. 
I have also never seen wild buffalo before. Omg, damn huge...

 Keep watching this space for more Vietnam travelogue!
Luvssss xx